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Other Expense in Guilin University of Electronic Technology

I. Tuition



Bachelor Degree Program

Humanities and Social Sciences

RMB  13000 yuan/Year

Science and Engineering

RMB  14000 yuan/Year

The Arts

RMB  16000 yuan/Year

Master Degree Program

Humanities and Social Sciences

RMB  18000 yuan/Year

Science and Engineering

RMB  18000 yuan/Year

The Arts

RMB  20000 yuan/Year

Doctor Degree Program

All Disciplines

RMB  25000 yuan/Year

Chinese Language Program

Long-term Student

RMB  10000 yuan/Year

6 Months:

RMB   6000 yuan/Year

Short-term Student

RMB   1200 yuan/Month

Long-term Workshop

RMB  10000 yuan/Year

Short-term Workshop

RMB  1200 yuan/Month

RMB: Chinese currency

II. Accommodation Fee

International Students House in GUET

Superior room: fully equipped for 2 students with RMB 3000 yuan/year/person

Medium room: fully equipped for 3 students with RMB 2000 yuan/year/person

Ordinary Room: moderately equipped for 4 students with RMB 1200 yuan/year/person

Chinese Student Dormitory in GUET

Ordinary Room: generally equipped for 4 students with RMB 1200 yuan/year/person

Above accommodation fee excludes charges of water, electricity, internet, etc.

III. Other Fee

Application & Registration fee: RMB 300 yuan/person

Health Examination: RMB 300 yuan/person

Visa for Residence Permit: RMB 400 yuan/person

Health Insurance: RMB 600 yuan/year/person

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